Instant Read Thermometer

A must have for anyone cooking (on/in anything). I have made many purchases over the years of fun useful tools for cooking but nothing beats a high quality instant read Thermometer. Not going to push one brand over another. Look for a high quality INSTAND read version. The instant Read feature is helpful when you want to get a quick read on how done your cook is. When opening an Egg (or oven for that matter) the longer it’s open the more heat is lost. With an Instant read you know with in 1-2 seconds the temp of your cook so you can close it back up and get back to cooking. I have 2-3 different ones and have been using a version that folds (I like that but have been reading lately that those fail quicker than ones that don’t fold). So far mine have been working just fine. The first 2 I purchased cost around $110 each. Just recently I tried another brand with a sale for around $35. Both brands work great and the savings was nice (think if I need to replace one I will try the cheaper version again). I might also give a try on the version that doesn't fold – might last long and the cost saving is a plus.

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