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  1. Heading to the University of Alabama for a weekend tailgate. My son is a sophomore and this will be our second tailgate. Plan on bringing 2 Eggs (a Large and MiniMax) and a 17″ Blackstone. The menu (off the Egg) will be Flank Steak and Pork Tenderloin. Will be seasoning with some Dizzy Pig – still have not figured out which I will use – maybe some Raging River and Tasing the Steaks. They are my go to seasoning, SOOOO good.

    My wife is taking care of the sides and things. Been working on the list and it keeps getting longer. The Van will be filled more than the weekend we moved the boy in. Will followup with photos and a few stories.

    Roll Tide

    1. Car is packed. I mean packed. Don’t think we have room for our clothes. Got both eggs but the Blackstone didn’t make it. Think the wife got enough alcohol for everyone on the quad. We even have a 3 level cookie tray, watch out Alabama PapaJ is heading into town.

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