Knife Obsession

I have recently become obsessed with sharpening my knives.  I purchased a Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition sharpener and had success with this easy to use unit. Just yesterday while cutting up a few veggies I cut myself 3 times. On a side note I need to attend a knife skills class (more on that later).

As a comparison I would like to stop by my local knife sharpener (Master Grinding) and see how they sharpen knives; the tools they use to get that amazing edge.  I used them a little over a year ago and they do great work. I think a video tour might be in my future – Grilling with PapaJ “Road Trip”.

Yesterday I started researching wet stones and how to use them to sharpen at home.  Looks interesting but possibly very time consuming. One video I watched says it takes over an hour to get a nice edge, don’t think I am looking to spend an entire day sharpening my kitchen knives.  A few other videos showed about 10-20 minutes – that I can do.

Next, I looked at purchasing a few new high-end knives; ones that (yes) look amazing, hold an edge and are amazingly balanced in your hand.  Shun seems to get great praise and you can find them in your area with a little searching. Think William Sonoma sells them, might need to make a trip so I can see how they feel in my hand.  But then comes the question (???) which type of knife do I get?

A knife skills class is on the bucket list.  Taking a skills class will help with the 3 cuts in my hands, I hope.  Learning a better/safer way to slice and dice if something I am totally interested in. It seems whenever I think about taking a class they are already filled up, need to plan ahead and just do it. 

Well that’s all I got for this morning, keep checking back for updates to my knife obsession…

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