Tailgate Weekend

We had a blast this past weekend at the Texas A&M vs. Alabama football game.  Drove 15 hours with 2 Big Green Eggs and more “Stuff” than I thought I could fit in a mini van.  All went very well, we arrive on Friday around noon and claimed a great spot on the Quad (similar location from last year). Saw some familiar faces, spoke to a few and dropped 2 tents.  Checked into a Condo unit around 3 and everyone started showing up. We had about 11 that travel for the weekend (From Philly, Boston and New Jersey).  Saturday we arrived back at the Quad around 7am and started the setup.  By 8 things were in-place and by 9 the Eggs were fired up.  The family and friends started arriving by 9:30am and the smoke and fun began.  My son Colin (Sophomore at Alabama) invited his friend and they showed up in full force.  So happy with the group of friends he has at school.  Couldn’t ask for a better college experience for him.  We have visited a few time and the group always gets together for a meal and laughs.

The cook was 4 Flank Steaks, 6 Pork Tenderloins and 3 doz Pork Medallions.  Most was cook Pre-Game and the 25 plus all had something.  I stayed back at the tent while everyone went to the game (walking in a pouring rain – that stopped at kickoff).  As the rain stopped I dried the tables, chairs and everything else.  In the 3rd quarter I got the call to get ready for a post game meal.  I fired up the MiniMax and started the remaining Pork Tenderloin and flank steak. Luckily it was just enough for the 12 or so that returned hungry.

Packup ended around 8pm. It was an amazing day with many memories.  Will do somethings different next time but the outcome will be the same – Good Times with family and friends.  Thanks to Debbie for all her hard work to pull this off and thanks to everyone that travel for the weekend.

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