My Approach

I hope to amuse you as much as I inform you.  My videos are high quality, informative and for the most part short enough so you don't spend your day learning how to cook something that doesn't take a day.

My Story

I started grilling on an XL Egg in 2015, it was a tough start - smoky steaks that you could not eat.  I learned quickly how to start the lump and wait for the smoke to clear and let the egg  come up to temp before starting any cook.

Currently I have 5 Eggs (XL, L, M, MM and Mini) and cook 3-5 night a week on one or more of them.  I am no Chef or grill master but have learned some valuable lessons I'd like to share.

Meet the Team

You guessed it, Papa J is the team

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Papa J


Enjoys cooking on the Big Green Egg for Family and Friends

Let's hear from you

If you have something you would like to know how to cook or a topic you would like to see, let me know...