EGGtoberfest Ticket Giveaway

I was one of the lucky winners – 2 tickets to the EGGtoberfest outside of Atlanta. Next Thursday, my wife and I will be traveling from Northern NJ (13+ hours). I have been trying for a few years and winning this makes my day. I attended the Dizzyfest in May; good people and good food. I can’t image what next weekend will bring. I did tell why wife we have a few more days to reserve a Large Egg – she isn’t biting (I do already have 5, but you can’t beat the price). My goal is to arrive Friday night and be at the gate nice and early. I plan on trying everything I can, seeing the sights, taking many photos and of course making a video of there day. I have seen videos from years past and the event looks amazing.

Many thanks to the Buffalo for the tickets and the opportunity to experience all The Big Green Egg has to offer.

More to come…

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